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Twitter Forensic Toolkit

Identify illegal content, data mine across comments, discover linkages between users, log into protected accounts, request account suspension, create expert reports and much more...

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Powerful search engine for performing targetted, general, account specific, or keyword searches to identify suspect or illegal content. Harvest media files uploaded, including photographs and profile pictures. Filtering options available to carefully tailor results.

data mining

Instantly parse thousands of tweets, retweets and quotes for specific terms or users and drill down from hundreds of results to highlight specific material of interest. Compare results and identify linkages that may drive the investigation in new directions.


Automatically download profile content, tweets, and uploaded media files and preserve content in secure evidential form. Single click function for lawful request of account information or to suspend abusive/illegal profiles.

Expert Reports

Powerful 'single click' reporting capability to produce clear expert reports and evidence packages. Audit logs and evidence packages created to permit independant verification and satisfy court requirements.

Twitter Forensic Software Screenshots

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